Why Open Source?
Open source has been around for over 40 years. In recent years, it has gained acceptance in many enterprises. The Linux operating system is a prime example of successful open source project. Open source solutions can give you the best bang for the buck in your IT spending.

Save Our Planet,Help The Children
We donate 1% of our revenue to global environmental organizations and local child development organizations. If every company in the world donates just 1%, the world will be a much better place.

Welcome To Tiller Software

We are the founder of the TODCM open source project!!

We are an open source software consulting firm specialized in education related open source web applications.
We have released the TODCM curriculum mapping/management open source web application project in year 2011. We are actively developing and maintaining the TODCM open source project and we provide TODCM hosting, customization and support services. We were the first company that have successfully integrated Moodle with student information systems such as PowerSchool and Maze back in year 2008.

Template Object Driven Curriculum Mapping (TODCM)

TODCM is a LAMP/WAMP based open source curriculum mapping/management web application. We offer a free open source version and a commercial professional version with improved performance and additional features. You can download a copy of the open source version from http://todcm.org. We offer customization, support and hosting services for TODCM.

Moodle-SIS Integration

We have successfully integrated Moodle with student information systems (SIS) such as PowerSchool and Civica Maze. The integration is a nightly sync tool that updates Moodle with data from the SIS database. We are able to integrate Moodle with any SIS/database as long as the database can be accessed form the Moodle server. Our sync tool eliminates time consuming daily manual data entry work and the tool is fully automated and requires zero maintenance. Our sync tool performs the following to the Moodle database:

  • Create student and teacher accounts
  • Create courses and classes
  • Assign user accounts to courses and classes
  • Disable obsolete user accounts
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